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Introduction to Sahara Coins

Sahara Coins ( is a based in Las Vegas.  It is a coin and precious metals retailer that specializes in buying and selling rare coins, U.S. coins and bullion. Initially started in 1975, the company has since amassed a sizable collection of rare coins and other precious metals. The business’s storefront functions as a numismatic cupboard as well as a source for high quality precious metals that can be used as investments.  It does not appear to be a Gold IRA company.


There’s little mention of the firm’s management on Yet, their alternative site ( introduces their staff in a Meet the Sahara Coins Team page. The Better Business Bureau has got the General Manager as Raymond Bryant while the primary Customer Contact is recorded as Cheryl Kapowitz.

There are mixed reviews on Yelp along with a BBB evaluation that was perfect. The small internet presence that Sahara Coins does have appears to reveal a reasonably balanced name. Still, with no ripoff reports and and no past litigations, the firm was still worthy of making this year’s list.

Sahara Coins ProductPrices and Prices

Here are what Sahara coins appears to market:

  • Rare Coins
  • U.S. Coins
  • Paper Money
  • Foreign Coins
  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Palladium Bullion
  • Platinum Bullion

IRAs are not mentioned on or Thus, the company doesn’t seem to be affiliated with any IRA custodians, and their web site doesn’t encourage or facilitate the process of creating a Gold IRA.

Sahara Coins Contact Info

— Address: 7293 W Sahara Ave Ste 106, Vegas, NV 89117 2855

— Phone: (702) 367-4360

— Fax: (702) 367-8206

— Email:

Crucial Pages From Sahara Coins’ Website

Sahara Coins’ complete assortment of gold, platinum, silver, and palladium coins and bullion.

— Buy and Sell Costs - Lists the prices at which the firm is currently buying and selling precious metals.

— About Us - A breakdown of the company’s history, products/ goal, and services.

Constantly Review the Competition Before You Purchase

Assessing a business’s reputation by itself does not tell you whether there are other bullion suppliers and Gold IRA firms that might have pricing schedule or an even better reputation. One of the essential factors to compare when choosing a Gold IRA business is the cost of the annual storage/admin fees billed by the firm’s favored IRA custodian(s).

Some bullion dealers (such as Sahara Coins) tend not to really help their customers set up Gold IRAs and aren’t partnered with any IRA custodians.

To save yourself the time, hassle, and unneeded expenses, we recommend using a Gold IRA firm that streamlines the process of purchasing precious metals for the IRA.

Contact Us Represent or if You Possess Sahara Coins

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