Kitco Gold Review

For many interested investors, it can be difficult to figure out which precious metal investment company would be the best for them, particularly with the long run in mind. When selecting prospective organizations to work with, several factors must be taken into consideration for a top quality and reliable investment. Kitco is one such company that customers may consider working with. The typical Kitco Gold Review will bring up the fact that they have been on the market for quite a long time, and their experience in the precious metals selling field could be a superb kick-off point for first-time investors.

Kitco presents a wide variety of different precious metals, from rounds to bars to coins, all of which are available in platinum, silver, and gold. While the company does not carry a very wide range of products, they are still in a position to provide clients with the essentials of the trade without overwhelming them with too many options. In such a way, they could be a good source for investors who are just starting to work with precious metals.

For more knowledgeable clients, particularly those looking at coin investments, other companies might offer a wider variety of services. All of the silver and gold coins featured by this organization seem to be lacking some of the variety that is offered by other companies. Clients who investigated several other options, in particular, have observed their gold coin assortment is less diverse.

Traders who are interested in working with bars, however, will quickly realize that Kitco offers a much more satisfying selection to pick from. They include bullion bars for sale in numerous sizes, ranging from 1 oz. to over 400 oz. Traders observed that the prices were competitive and not subject to sudden rises. Bulk cost options are offered for those who are interested in purchasing big packages of precious metals.

Customers reported an overall positive shipping experience when dealing with the corporation. Kitco features regular shipping services that will have the products delivered by UPS or FedEx. All the packages are discreetly shipped, which lessens security risks; clients can count on paying a fair sum for all deliveries to be made in the United States and Canada. Often, traders are expected to pay a higher rate for packages shipped outside of the continent. Every order made can be further insured, and the larger the amount of precious metals purchased, the higher the overall insurance fees are likely to be.

For orders that are particularly enormous, the organization may decide to ship the products in several separate packages. This is done with security in mind, and it helps make sure that the package arrives at the client’s door with the minimal amount of worries. For particularly enormous orders, priced at over seventy five thousand dollars, an armored truck will arrive at the client’s door to deliver the products. For these types of large orders, the cost of the delivery services will be much more substantial, and the deliveries will not be made to residential locations. While this may be deemed an inconvenience by traders who plan on making enormous bulk purchases, it is done so to ascertain the greatest degree of security for the goods purchased.

Although Kitco appears to be a good idea, it is not without its faults. It has an A+ ranking on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, though it is not accredited with the organization. Additionally, there are six complaints concerning the firm on the site. The majority of the complaints were centered around advertising and sales issues as well as troubles with the products or services offered.
Although that is not a large number of complaints, traders should keep them in mind before dealing with this firm. Additionally, the company is not listed on the Business Consumer Alliance site, or the TrustLink website. While this could mean no complaints exist on the websites, it might worry potential clients. The lack of rankings and evaluations could suggest that no investors could recommend the services, or that the company itself is not keen on spreading its image an electronic medium.

Kitco can be a good starting point for individuals who are just beginning to explore the world of precious metal investment. They are a relatively well-known trading company and while their product range is not extraordinary, their prices offer new clients an easy experience. Clients can expect to receive their products safely within a reasonable time frame, and the additional insurance alternatives allow for further peace of mind if you choose them.

For both experienced and beginning investors, Regal Assets is the ideal choice as a primary gold trader. Their site at provides a number of bullion items for you to choose from. For individuals who are aiming to further diversify their portfolios, it is important to know that they can work with silver, palladium, and platinum, in addition to the gold alternatives on the website.

Customers can trade diverse precious metal coins, and the readily available contact information can help individuals get started with the guidance of a serious team of professionals. Additionally, Regal Assets features numerous articles which can provide insight into the current scenario of the gold trading niche. The handy toolbar above the interface allows customers to navigate the site and enjoy such services as a precious metal pricing chart and testimonials by satisfied traders. A free gold IRA rollover kit can be obtained after the client looks through the services presented on the site. The website is also discussed on a number of reviewing services, for instance the BBB and BCA. Each of these sites rank Regal Assets very highly, which makes the company a great option for traders interested in a positive investment venture.


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