About - bestgoldira.com

Walt Brown here.

I built this website with high quality information so that investors in precious metals can make informed decisions if they are thinking about allocating some of theirr hard earned cash to gold.

I am an investor. I have invested in energy ventures, stocks and bonds. I also dabbled in the Futures market trading mostly currencies where my best day was over $60,000.00 USD.

I no longer manage my own investments because I have an investment Advisor. His name is Joeeph Ryan and he is the owner of WJR Financial, LLC. If you need an investment advisor I cannot recommend him highly enough.

I now concentrate on researching and following the latest trends in precious metals, especially gold IRA’s which is one of the best ways to invest in gold.

To keep up with events in the metal’s market, I follow the Aden sisters in Costa Rica. Their Link page is a wonderful resource if you need more information on gold and other precious metals.

To Your Investing Success,
Walt Brown
P.S. Now that summer is almost here, whenever I have a little free time I like to sail catamarans and do some quahogging at low tide in Marks Cove nearby.